Rat tailed & Juvenile of complexion
they’ve got a hand in the Drum satchel
Fish’en out the fragrant Thatch of corporate Nicotine
blatant arrogance of Denial, no Influence of Almighty or Oldfella here

strait from the fresh food Woolie’z off licence
Woolie of complexion fresh out of creekbed fore’shore
Twizt the top on the Crown, bottom shelf deal Mc William’z qualitive Beverage
Neck’en it, first splash go’z strait on the asphalt Mark’en territory supposedly

Speak easy, although from a different language group
drug house source of dizcontent & move along dovetail’z to walkabout
Transient nature of no consequence, if Canning Stock Route iz Alive with Hiatus
corporate & political poison’z, bridge Structure of artisticness would suffice

intervention completely bottlenecked by Gatekeeper’z
Who sez the colonization is ova
to be born here
don’t mean you
come down in
the last shower

Neil J Pattinson (Western Australia)

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