Handbag Economy

My Partner & I,
Split Up Over a, “Fricin” Hand Bag?!!?

They Argued,
    They Said,
    They Will Not Be Told.
    (Dictated 2 / Manipulated / Controlled)
    Over The Ownership of a,
    Hand Bag?!!?

I Said, It’z Not the “Hand Bag”
    I Have A Problem With.
    The Need, It’z The
    Absolute, Incessant,
Anal Retentive,
For The Hand “Fricin” Bag?!!?

I Said,
    Working Yourself Into,
    A Frenzy,
    The Ground,
An Early Grave,
Just for the Ownership.
(To Possess, Seek Out & Gain)
The, Hand “Fricin” Bag?!!?

I Said, So That’z Alright,
    We can Part Company,
    (Go our Separate Way’z)
    You’ll Always’z Have For Company,
    You’re “Fricin”, The Bloody, Hand, Damn, Bag?!!?

(Juzt A Thought Aside)
    Wouldn’t It Be Great if the World’z
    Economy Waz Based on Hand Bag’z.
    No More Petroleum,
    No More Car’z.
    No More Drug’z
    Or Weapon’z Of Mass Control?!!?
(Back to the poetry)

I Said, It’z Alright.
    The Hand Bag Will (Certainly)
    Keep U Busy Enough (I Mean)
    You’ll B Need’n to Travel (Back)
    To Place of Purchase (The Shop)
At Least 3 Consecutive Weekend’z?!!?

To Settle On,
    Correct Design,
    Fashion, Style, (Exchange)
    Trend, (Refund)
Of The,

Neil J Pattinson (Western Australia)

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