Poetry feedback

Poets, are you wondering why some poems get published and some don't? Are you looking for feedback? Do you long for honest critiquing or editorial help to make your poems work better for the reader, the magazine editor, and the poetry contest judge?

Like most magazines, Uneven Floor doesn't usually have time to give feedback on submissions. However, the founding editor, Jackson, offers low-cost professional assessments at Tactful Online Poetry Feedback.

Also, talk to your local library, independent bookshop, writers centre, poetry society, editors' association, or college. Many areas have poetry workshops and classes, poetry reading events, writers' circles, critiquing groups, poetry editors, poetry teachers, and poets who offer private lessons, tutoring or coaching. Some writers centres offer manuscript assessments, mentoring programs or online courses. Your library or bookshop may have some how-to books about poetry. Most cities have a community of poets and writers who welcome new voices.