Welcome to Uneven Floor, an independent poetry journal published out of Perth, Western Australia. Please watch your step.

Founding editor: Jackson

Twitter: @unevenfloor_po
Facebook: facebook.com/unevenfloor


  • To use the power and simplicity of blogging to reach an international audience with a diversity of well-written poems from Western Australia and beyond. 
  • To encourage readers to support poets, and poets to support one another.

Indexing and archiving

Uneven Floor is indexed by the Australian literature database AustLit. (‘Led by The University of Queensland, AustLit is a non-profit, research-driven collaboration between a network of researchers from Australian universities and the National Library of Australia.’)

Uneven Floor is archived by the National Library of Australia's Pandora project, via the State Library of Western Australia.

How you can help

  • Share, like, tweet and recommend Uneven Floor and the poems in it. This helps make us more visible online.
  • If you have a website or blog, link us.

Why the name?

To make the tables wobble, and force you to watch what you're doing, as you should. And because of this.