Johnny Depp’s dogs on death row
The killings were carried out at 12.30am local time, on the prison island off the coast of Java
Alleged dog smuggler could face ten years in jail
Abbott rules out live cattle ban
Russell Brand pleads for clemency
Are you in a relationship with a narcissist?
Submissions to parliamentary enquiry claim halal is a scam
Puppies sold for drugs
Australian cattle ‘sledgehammered to death’
Tied to crosses and shot
There is a suspicion in some circles this may be related to the war on terror
Record year for live cattle exports thanks to strong Indonesian demand
Asylum seekers kept on board boat for a month
Fears Johnny Depp’s dogs could be rendered stateless if US refuses entry
Asylum seeker near death in Perth hospital
Elephant herd rushed to help collapsed calf
The puppies are currently being cared for at a Yokine veterinary clinic
Darwin boy asks Q&A why his friend with autism should be deported
School teaches women in de facto relationships are cheap prostitutes
Skyping with the enemy: I went undercover as a jihad girlfriend
Americans more likely to be killed by toddlers than by terrorists
Australia votes Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein as FIFA president
The seven habits of great investors
Ten decades, ten of the hottest looks
From the suburbs to Syria: twelve jihadi brides
Girl’s sweet sixteen birthday party ruined by faeces falling from the sky
Man’s epic bucket list for faithful friend: takes dying dog across US
Mother found pushing dead son on playground swing
Andrew Chan ‘ended well…a winner in God’s eyes’, says widow
Johnny Depp’s dogs show evolving notion of animal citizenship
Jamieson joins Glory exodus
Winter is coming: Perth prepares for storm to hit
The end of Australian exceptionalism
Inshallah, she’ll be right mate, Shanti

Matthew Jamieson (Western Australia)

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  1. Oh yes. Great to see the old "found poem" format getting out again. Best poem I've read today.


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