Note on Front Door

Dear Burglar,
Please don’t break in today
You see I’ve hardly cleaned
The floors are in a mess
and I haven’t Mr Sheened
I hope you’ll understand
Good help is hard to find
and I can’t do it all
I barely have the time
With visits to the spa
and classes for my art
My nails have just been done
I don’t know where to start
I need to hire a nanny
and find a gardener too
A housewife’s life is hard
A stressful thing to do
You mustn’t see my house
in such a wretched state
Kindly check your times
and advise another date
My cleaner comes on Friday
so could you come back then
Please RSVP below
and let me know just when
Yours truly

Merrillea Faux-Pride
Lady of Leisure (LOL)

Natasha Adams (Western Australia)

First published in Creatrix

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