A glut of bliss

She is in a glut of bliss —
her purring permeates the house
with primal incantations.

We follow the guttural chant
discover her         rapturous
in the hallway cupboard.

Flat on her back
chapel up         to an unseen sun
she is a temple of spouting teats
leaking ancient light for bobbing

The kittens stumble         blind
and mewing         criss-cross her studded
belly         divining for a spring.

It is raining manna
in that cramped space
and we speak in whispers
that come out like prayers.

She looks at me
this is enough         enough
her eyes         sated discs         closing
to keep the pleasure in.

Julie Watts (Western Australia)

First published in Julie’s book Honey & Hemlock, Sunline Press 2013.

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