The Supermarket Carpark Of Youth

In the Supermarket Carpark Of Youth
They sit awhile (a few years)
Staring at the yellowing eyes
Of their counterparts

One day they will show no mercy
And spring black-booted onto a passing bluerinse

Mostly though
They walk around as though
Between rounds of a title fight
Panting and spitting, shaking their heads, drinking,
Wiping their brows
Giving passing people a ‘heavy’ look as if to say:
‘I might actually hit someone one day — and it could be you’.

One sits away from the group —
A soloist.

His big brown heeler tugging at the leash
Dying to rip shreds out of a passing Saturday shopper
His mirrored sunglasses dazzling the passers-by —

One day their appetite could become mealtime —
They will heat hate to riot
And finally throw down their


Snoop Bilby, aka Daniel Oxenburgh (Western Australia)

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