She Said

She said ‘I like you just the way you are;
I like your seed, your head, your car, your bed,
I was going to hug you, but I’ll kiss you instead.
Your eyes, your face, your Jewish race,
your silk, your touch, your thighs, your crutch,
the miss me, I’ll miss you, I need you so much,
your hunger bells, the voice that tells the Siamese twins
that the only team that counts is the team that wins,
the orange plate, the diamond star, the god of fate
who goes too far, the church of chimes, the honest mimes,
I like the onions and the olives and the finer wines.
The simple tunes, the ghostly moons, I like the singer who talks, and the talker who croons.
The lonely few, The Beatles too, and I’ll like you more
if you love me too!’

Danny Gunzburg (Western Australia)

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