One day I’ll be a blade of grass
like a bendable razor, plastic, elastic.
With only sun and water and
an occasional foot in the face.

I’ll be green.
I’ll be the same as everyone else.
People just like me moored to my side.
I’d like to be green, please.

Christine Della Vedova (Western Australia)


  1. A simple yet beautiful poem, with a dash of humour mixed in for spark. Thoroughly enjoyed ... thanks for sharing.

  2. Like. :-)

    Being a blade of grass will be great. After the mower. Regrowth.

    Yesterday, sitting on grass, I wrote this: 'I should spend some time learning colours. All I really know is the rainbow... I don't know what is aquamarine and turquoise, and all the other colours that have names... so when I describe I could be accurate - What green is that tree?'

    Thank you for sharing and for enable comment. :-)


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