Hear Tineke perform this poem for the Australian Poetry Slam 2012.

If food had a language
it would be French:
moules marinières et dorades dorées.

If a kiss could speak
it would talk in Italian:
saro il tuo contadino
e tu la terra mia.

If the wind could speak
he would sound Flemish:
met gierende stem in de gutsende regen.

If Mother Earth had words
she'd speak in Bibbulmun:
Nidja boodja. And ask, Where is your fire?

If peace could plead
it would say in Kirundi:
Leave Africa alone.

Let drums sound,
tears be dried
Let breath be spiced
with the scent of rain on desert sand

Let wind blow away the memory of blood and war
Let rain infuse life into crusted land.

Let elegance brighten the days.

Let language bring language
Words bring vigour
Parole, parole.

Tineke Van der Eecken (Western Australia)

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