Oscar Mike

CHECK CHECK - Yo Oscar Mike

so - I'm up on the mike to rhyme stuff with shit
baby I'm wack with the rhythm stick
spittin out little biddy literary kicks
like this - like this - like this and like this

pretending to flow like the pope on dope
I'm bendin vowels-boy like they're made of soap
washing my tongue with saliva hope - I hope I hope

gotta fit it all in this syllabic tric
kme got rhythm on my soul n shit
rhyme and I rhyme and I rhyme wiv it
now hear this - it’s a mountain of shit

Yo baby baby I'm OSCAR MIKE

so - when
I'm a stick in the middle of a puddle of words
gotta get my little biddy verse to be heard
nothing is fresher than the morning turd - mm mm
but this is - is it? - it is - like - this - is…

I got a question for the judges do you like this one
put yr hands in the air if you dig this one
wave em around if you think this one
these words are bullets in my hip-hop gun


make some noise if you lick my lolly
keep all my poems in a shopping trolley


and - then
can't seem to stop this verbal diarrhea
how do you spell that?D - I - A double R - H - E - A
or D - I - A double R - H - O - E - A
with an O in it in - with an O it it
holy motherfucker gotta O in it
and it runs and it runs and it runs like this
like a tyger tyger burning bright
in the dark wet shadows
of the bakery tonight

I'm more shaggy shaggy than snoop doggy doggy
more flava flave than D to the chucky
now I wanna chuck - holy fuck
I'm stuck - in a rhyme truck

Yo baby baby I'm OSCAR MIKE

well we're straight outta bronx to the compton town
tiny inner suburb of the heathridge downs

man my flow is like so fucking good
and you knew it would
be good - it should

take a bow please judges coz I love your faces
when I was a kid I wanted

braces - shit


c'mon everybody gotta sway in time
and very very soon we'll be over this rhyme

Yo baby baby I'm OSCAR MIKE X 2


Antipoet / Allan Boyd (Western Australia)

Editor's note. This poem pretty much expresses Uneven Floor's attitude to poems that mention poetry, poets, writing, and all that.

Editor's second note. If you don't know what 'Oscar Mike' means, look it up.

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